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Trading Excellence

QCP Capital is Asia's leading full-suite Digital Asset trading firm.

Investment & Trading Strategies

We run multiple in-house proprietary investment and trading strategies, including Quantitative and Trading Strategies.

OTC Trading

We facilitate Over-the-Counter (OTC) trading for a wide range of large-cap Digital Assets. Our trading desk is open 24/7, and we offer Deep Liquidity, Immediate Trade Settlements, Flexible Dealing Methods, Multi-Currency Pricing & Settlement, and Multi-Jurisdiction Trade Settlement. Feel free to contact us about our Concierge Trading service for your customised needs.


We offer liquidity provision both on- and off-exchange with 24/7 trading supervision and superior algo-strategies. We provide fully customisable solutions for all your Digital Asset liquidity requirements.

Treasury Services

We provide customized solutions for all trading, risk management and transaction requirements to help mitigate market volatility, including Leverage/Margin Management, Balance Sheet Management, Inventory Rebalancing, FX Optimization, and Portfolio Hedging.

Project Services

Our deep network and structuring expertise empowers us to evaluate and support projects, both on the side of the projects, and in facilitating more extensive participation.

High Security Standards

We enforce stringent, global AML/KYC compliance checks, and industry best practice for Digital Asset storage.

About Us

We are a pioneering and innovative firm that is leading the charge in Digital Asset Trading in Asia. Strategically headquartered in Singapore, and leveraging on our global presence and network, we maximise emerging opportunities in the Digital Asset market. Our operations are underpinned by a strong, dynamic and talented team, with prior backgrounds in hedge funds, FX trading, venture capital, research, and technological development, and pioneering experience in the blockchain and Digital Assets space.