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what is a stablecoin

The Unexplored Potential of Stablecoins

A new competitor in the FX NDF market. Recent weeks have seen the proliferation of stablecoin projects. With more than 50 projects, the space is getting crowded. While we believe the space will eventually be dominated by a few key players, we are excited by the potential for stablecoins to function as tokenised FX. Stablecoins

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make your crypto work

Trading Tutorial 3: Make Your Assets Work for You

Generating returns from your BTC and ETH holdings. Holders of BTC and ETH bear violent price swings but often completely miss out on the potential interest and returns that can be generated from holding the coin. The yield that long-term coin holders can receive ranges from 4–50% per annum depending on risk appetite. We highlight

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trading tutorial on hedging 2

Trading Tutorial 2: Having your cake and trading it too

How to en-cash your coin holdings but still retain potential coin profits from a bullish upswing . All projects are subject to working capital needs whether coin prices go up or down. In these depressed markets, some fortunate projects would have sold their BTC or ETH early on for their runway of cash needs while

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trading tutorial on hedging with collars

Trading Tutorial 1: Hedging with Collars

Protect your holdings and retain some upside. With BTC and ETH at depressed levels, many are looking to protect further downside on their holdings but are also expecting a bounce as we head into the end of the year (2nd week of September was the low for 2017 before the crazy bull run). A strategy

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Compound Makes It Easy to Borrow and Lend Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies may be the money of the future, but in comparison to traditional fiat currencies, they lack a mature and diverse ecosystem of financial services. Addressing this is Compound, which launches in September, and wants to bring a functional, liquid money market to several significant cryptocurrencies. From launch, the platform will support Ether and ETH-based

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Blockchain Apps Take Over South Korea

“In South Korea, IT behemoths like Kakao and Naver have jumped on the blockchain bandwagon. In March, Kakao revealed plans to launch a reverse ICO for its legacy cryptocurrency called “Kakao Coin.” The largest messaging app operator wants to develop a decentralized platform under the aegis of its blockchain subsidiary, Ground X. LINE, a subsidiary

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